Andy Harris Votes Against Sandy Emergency Flood Insurance Approval

Mr. Hall –
My understanding is that the republicans who voted against the measure did so in order to make a point to attempt a reform to the National Flood insurance program. Now maybe it was wrong timing in an attempt to do so, but it does point out that the Flood Insurance program needs some fixing, eliminated, or limits placed on it.

And before anyone flys off the handle, this event occurred in October. The Emergency is Over. And by a large part, Public Service Utilities have been restored, clean up has been underway, and most are beginning the rebuilding process. And I’m talking about the event as a whole, not individual particular situations. If anyone wants to go that route, heck people from Hurricane Katrina are still suffering…

Like it or not we’ve had disasters and catastrophes occur in this country since it’s founding. Only in our most recent history has the government been continually looked upon as the ‘Savior” whenever something happens. Earthquakes, Landslides, Wildfires, Tornado’s, Hurricanes… and the list goes on…And it even occurs when an area is hard hit by drought…

It’s getting to the point that “Anything” anymore qualifies for some type of disaster aid and recovery. If a hard hitting thunderstorm rolls through an area and knocks out power to hundreds of thousand of people for a few days as occurred this past summer in our metro areas the politicians want to show “They care for the People” and push for monies to alleviate the hardships. People in our society are ever increasingly looking to the government to make life “Fair”. And that perspective needs to change because Life is not fair.

People who live in Flood prone areas need to assume a higher level of risk when building. Having the government bail them out every few years after a storm in some hurricane prone coastal areas is insane in my mind. I had a co-worker who bought and retired to a home in Florida and had to replace the roof twice in the first 3 years he lived there because of Hurricanes. Same goes for folks who build in high wildfire and landslide risk zones in the western part of the country. If an Insurance company will not take the risk to cover property in a high risk area, and you yourself can’t afford it, then why require the government to guarantee it?

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